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Am 16.Dezember
kultur Integration
Im Dezember  \\ ROXY \\  Wien Österreich

“The rapper is the one that just do rap. I’m not a rapper, cause a I don’t do just rap, I do rapente.”


Rapadura Xique-Chico


RAPadura come prepared to “tangle” and “move” the brazilian music scene. Considered by Hutúz Award 2009 the North / Northeast Best Artist in the 21th century, Francisco Igor Almeida Santos, known as RAPa- dura was born in Ceará. He is one of the biggest revelations of the Brazilian music in recent years.

TheyoungartistdrewtheadmirationofleadingfiguresofBrazil- ian music as Lenine, GOG, MV Bill, Happin Hood and many others who surrendered to the “rapente” sound that only he does.

“Rapadura is all that is modern and the new authentic Brazilian music, a rap forceful ideological and totally immersed in the rich culture of the Northeast. I do not give six months for him to be traveling around the world, to be ahead of its time, and certainly be able to prove that the Brazilian Rap has a new face. The Brazil’s face. Finally!

Ferréz, writer.

Member of a productive group of Brazilian popular music, RAPa- dura can be considered an avant-garde artist. The unusual “tangled” rap with the sudden, coconut, Maracatu, Capoeira, the dance, the ballad and nursery rhymes, make it one of the precursors of a century movement in defense of popular culture that arises from integration of contemporary rap music to the root.

RAPadura develops a work dedicated to the world of spoken song. A bold blend of rap with the tradition of Brazilian popular culture. His lyrics are blunt and exude a poetic language without losing the identity of the people. They speak of the Northeast, drought, farmer’s and women’s lace-maker also talk of the town and the processes of urbanization.

“I see my job as a true preservation of our cultural roots in Brazil”.

Francisco Almeida Igor Santos was born in 1984 in the munici- pality of Lagoa Seca, a village on the outskirts of Fortaleza - Ceará, and as hundreds of backland, migrated with his family to Brasilia in 1997, while still a teenager. The nickname comes from his passion for brown sugar (rapadura), named after the famous sweet Northeast typically made from pure cane juice, known for providing lots of energy and vitality to those who consume it. RAPadura used to eat a pot of brown sugar (rapadura) after plays soccer with friends.

The longing he felt for the East influenced the composition of their early songs. The inspiration came out of necessity when he decided to do a different thing, a song that people liked to hear. He bought some discs of baião and began to listen at home.

“I wrote a song over a song by Luiz Gonzaga. I took a small piece of accordion, I put some beats up and wrote a song talking about the cul- ture of the Northeast”.


Inspired by the songs Marinês, Luiz Gonzaga, Heleno Ramalho, Banda de Pau e Corda, Lia Itamaracá, Patativa Assaré of, among many others, RA-

Padura released their first recorded work and now immortalized,


A FITAEMBOLADA do Engenho - Rapadura na BOCA DO POVO!


With 8 tracks, the CD promises to do a lot of people dancing to “Mara- catu de lá pra cá”. Bring a statement to his “ Norte e Nordeste me veste,” speaks of a “Amor Popular”, a “ Moça Namoradeira “ . “Tu e Eu “ will sing “Rima Junina” em uma “Fita embolada de Engenho” of Rapadura tha is “Doce mas num é mole”, não.

Exporting the cane juice to the world, the public is going to show the RAPadura can give a true celebration, which has been on stage a com- mitted partnership with artists and activists in the countryside and city, or “Art’vistas”.

For those who have shared the same events and stages that Le- nine, Gerson King Combo, Detonautas, Paulo Diniz, Maria Rita, MV Bill, Gog and Racionais MC’s, the challenge now is to answer the call for a mis- sion more than special: represent their North and Northeast, to take their culture to the four corners of the world.

This is the RAPadura Xique Chico, unique artist in Brazilian cul- ture. RAPadura in essence, Xique resistance, Chico a sort of ‘blessing’.

“Não vejo cabra da peste, só carioca e paulista, só freestyleiro em nor- deste, não querem ser repentistas, rejeitam xilogravura, o cordel que é literatura, quem não tem cultura, jamais vai saber o que é RAPadura!”

Piece of the song “Norte Nordeste me veste”.


RAPadura main roles

nWinner of Award Hutúz (2007 and 2009), North / Northeast Best artist.

nPalco Principal Prêmio Hutúz – Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) 2009;

nCarnaval Hip Hop – Praça Tereza Batista, Pelourinho (Salvador – Bahia- Brazil) 2009;

nII Brasília Games – Guará II Teatro de Arena (Destrito Federal - Brazil) 2009;

nInternational Cultural Conference ( Pirenópolis - Goiás - Brazil) 2009;

nI Festival Nacional Rap & Repente (Campina Grande – Paraíba – Brazil) 2007;

nIV Campeonato Internacional de B. Boys – ( Macapá – Amapá – Brazil) 2007;

nHutúz Festival – (Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) 2007;

nPelourinho na Rota da Rima – (Salvador – Bahia – Brazil) 2007;

nMarco Zero – ( Recife – Pernambuco – Brazil) 2007.


  ROXY - Faulmanngasse 2, 1040 Wien

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